Saturday, January 14, 2006

Golf Day

We spent a couple hours at Funtasticks this morning. Trent was thrilled to play a little miniature golf. As soon as he got the ball in the hole, he was ready to move on to the next one. Baby Kat became bored after about the third hole. At one point, she was trying to climb over the fence to get a closer view to the go-carts. I admit that after about 20 minutes I was a little bored, too , and was feeling ready to go, but it was fun to see Trent enjoy himself so much.

Neither of the kids quite got the idea that they had to get off the green before the next person could take a turn. We were chasing them off like rabbits. Trent had to keep a very close eye on the ball at all times and was even heard saying, "Get in that hole!"

Everyone was tired afterwards. Baby Kat refused to walk and I had to carry her out. Yeah, she looks all cute and happy in these pictures, but believe me, she's a little stinker.

After naps, we went out to dinner. I wanted to make sure it was an early dinner so we left around 4:00. It's really not much fun dining with small children, so the less people there to offend the better.

In addition to all the great gifts I received, Erik also bought me a subscription to the Oprah magazine. What he doesn't realize is that I've never read an article. I just simply love the magazine for it's fantastic ad/design inspiration. heehee. Oprah, Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters are some of my favorite sources for design inspiration.

See you tomorrow!


Jocelyn said...

This is so cute, Heather. I love the pictures of Kat and Trent. Happy birthday- glad you had a good time and a subscription to some awesome inspiration!

sherry said...

Sounds and looks like you had a fun birthday! To be honest, miniature golf bores me after awhile too! Guess that's why we hardly ever go!

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