Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Several weeks ago I signed the kids up for Karate. Kat was really into it and had been asking for months to take lessons. Trent wasn't really interested because he "didn't want to kick his friends".


Kat was afraid of robbers and thought for sure that taking Karate lessons would help relieve her anxiety. She had started doing yoga a few weeks before to help prepare herself for lessons. I'm not sure where she made the yoga/karate connection but I wasn't going to say anything.

When I went to the class to inquire about lessons, I was told they would get a little introductory type lesson and we'd go from there. So we went and Trent decided he loved it. We signed them both up and started lessons.

4 times a week.

They were both warned to be careful at home and not hurt each other. As you can imagine, this warning lasted until we got out of the car and into the garage. They were all over each other. I can't tell you how many times one of them has come crying to me saying, "Mom!! Kat/Trent kicked me!!" and when I ask the other what happened, I always hear "I was practicing Karate and I didn't mean to really kick him/her." After 4 weeks, I don't even bother asking what happened because I know what the answer is. It's really boring here during the day and Karate lessons are in the evening, so in other words, they get a lot of "practice" time in.  Last week Kat had a bruise on her forehead. I didn't ask about it because I knew where it probably came from -  practicing "moves" on each other.

2 weeks or so in, they start earning stripes. First they both got a white one and then the next week Trent got both a red and blue and Kat only got a red.

She was devastated and she cried when we got home.

It didn't help that her brother, who wasn't really into Karate to begin with and still doesn't know how to tie his belt, kinda rubbed it in after we got home.

But, since we go 4 times a week (*sigh*) it was just the next lesson when Katrina got her blue stripe. I wish I had a picture of her smile. It was bigger than the day we told her she didn't have to take swimming lessons anymore.

When we got home, both asked me to take their picture. They even said that I could put it on Facebook which is amazing because I have to pinky swear a LOT not to put certain pictures on Facebook.

So, here they are after Kat earned her blue stripe and they are both "even". Don't let their smiles deceive you.  Go ahead and wrap your arms around one of them. They practice all day on each other.

They will kill you.


Ohhh Snap said...

I love that they both wanted it posted on facebook.

When my daughter was doing judo, I got a lot of reading done lol. But thankfully I was looking up when the black belt assistant wasn't paying attention (because she wasn't usually enthusiastic) and she flipped him lol. I don't know which of them was more astonished :D.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Karate--an excuse to kick the poop out of your sibling. I love it! They look quite happy though. Is Kat less afraid of robbers now? I have a theory that if you could learn to upchuck on demand that would thwart robbers too. I wouldn't share that theory with Kat though.

Heather said...

I won't share that idea with Kat. I'm sure she would use it on Trent. I don't know if she is less afraid of robbers. I'll have to ask her. I know that I am less afraid of zombies because I know the kids will protect me.

Thanks, you both, for your comments. :)

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