Monday, June 04, 2012


I bought a new printer and boy that sucker is HUGE! It's a Canon wide format printer and I swear it's the size of two normal printers side by side.

I printed off my first picture and so excited to see that it print exactly the same way it looked on the screen.

I had no choice but to scrapbook it.

I wanted to use my new Simple Storiescollection. I love their papers! They're so easy to use but it looks like you spent an hour putting it together.


Scrapper69 said...

I also have a Canon wide format printer and LOVE it! I've had mine for a while.... So glad you joined a growing number of crafters with BIGGER PRINTERS!!!! LOL
I do LOVE your layout.... The picture of your daughter looks fabulous! :o)


DonnaMundinger said...

I've got one of those huge puppies too, but I rarely use it because I rarely print photos. Fab quality though, but mine is slower than molasses. Guess it's worth it for the super clarity, though. And for your gorgeous photos, you bet! Love this. Missing you, Chickie. xxD

Scrapping Girl said...

Great pic with your new printer! Do the wide format print 12x12 things? I am also loving the Simple Stories line of papers-so pretty and easy to use.

Joy said...

What a great print and I really love your layout. I need to get one of those printers. When I do I am going to go into my studio from and see if mine prints nearly as good as yours.

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