Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DONE with swimming lessons

We're done.

24 hours before each lesson, Katrina works herself into a fit. She can't eat and she starts complaining that she doesn't feel good. The morning of swim lessons she can't function. I can't even distract her with TV. Her stomach hurts, her head hurts and she starts looking for any scrape or bruise on her body that might make it too hard for her to do swim lessons that day.

Trent has started with the anxiety, too. While his is not nearly as bad as Kat's, he's gotten to the point where he will just NOT do what the instructor asks him to do because he is too scared.

He wouldn't even swim today. Since it was their last day, they were to do one thing the instructor asked them to do and the rest of the time was going to be super fun time. Nope. Trent wouldn't do it so he sat out next to me.

So, I made the decision (with Erik's agreement) this morning that we were done.

You can see the relief on Katrina's face.

They CAN swim. I'm pretty sure if they accidentally fall into a pool, they can make it back to the edge. They'll doggie paddle back to the edge. That's all I can ask for. We'll probably pick up swimming lessons again in the spring but for now I'm just going to accept that my kids will not be swim team material...

just like I've accepted the fact that I will never have nice looking upper arms.

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Karen Pinsonat said...

I bet they're relieved and you are too. We had all sorts of anxiety every year at swim lessons, so we skipped it this year. Like you, I *think* they would survive if they fell in, but I'd rather be positive, so they'll be taking again next year. I may need a year to work myself up to dealing with that again!

Carolyn said...

Does anybody have nice upper arms? Mine have the flabby wave underneath, yuck! Hopefully the kids will enjoy it more next year.

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