Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm going to cancel cable right away

Trent has a pack meeting tomorrow night. Everyone is supposed to bring a Halloween themed dessert for a raffle. Today I picked up a box of cake mix and some powdered sugar. I had visions of making a cute jack-o-lantern cake. It would be two layers with orange icing and black eyes, etc. It would take me an hour...tops.

When I mentioned the Halloween themed cake to the kids, the first thing they did was grab a piece of paper. They started sketching their ideas. This was not quite what I was expecting:

Trent's cake is a rectangle (ok so far, right?) with a little bit of excess frosting below the cake for a graveyard scene. Well, ok, I guess could cut a larger piece of cardboard to make a graveyard scene below the cake. But, wait...there's more. There are 3-D zombies made out of paper and the pumpkins drawn on the cake are actually supposed to light up and blink.

I was given clear instructions that I was to vote for whichever cake I wanted to make. I was feeling a little intimidated by Trent's so I took a look at Kat's. Her's had to be easier, right? I means, she's only 5 years old. Almost 6.

This one is even more difficult.

Not only does it have a little extra landscaping coming over the front like Trent's but it has at least 23 different characters on it. That little guy over in the bottom left hand corner with the word bubble screaming "HELP!"is actually impaled on a cactus. Not just any cactus, either. Oh, no. It's a cactus on fire! How does one really make a word bubble for a cake, anyway?

See those swirly lines around the edge of the cake? I asked her what that was. I thought maybe it was something cute and fluffy that I could imitate with marshmallows. No, it's not. It's fire, too.

I've come to the conclusion after reviewing the cake sketches that the kids are watching too much Cake Boss. We'll go back to Spongebob right away and maybe we'll just bring cookies to the pack meeting....
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Jessica said...

LOLOLOLOL! I remember those days. And I agree too much Cake Boss! But very creative kids! Thanks for sharing, show us the cake you decide on....please.....:)

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