Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Follow up to my cake post

Well, here it is. I decided to use bits and pieces from each of their cakes to come up with this. This post is in reference to my post a few days ago.

Now, I know this doesn't look good. I don't decorate cakes, I play with paper. Please don't feel bad for laughing at my cake. I know it's bad.

I kept the large pumpkin from Katrina's sketch. I also kept the cactus that was on fire but I decided that the guy impaled on it was beyond my level of experience.

That fire around the edges was Katrina's idea, too.

Now for the elements from Trent's sketch, I used the extended graveyard part and the zombie mummies. I made gravestones from marshmallows cut in half. I had no idea how to grunge them up. I could only think of using Distress ink on them but I didn't know if that would really work and/or be safe. So instead, I just dripped red food coloring over them like it was blood. Trent didn't care that the marshmallows were white. He just couldn't get past the fact that his mother made them bloody for him. I was the coolest Mom ever for about 4.8 seconds.

Trent drew up some zombie mummies and we taped them to skewers. He used Distress ink on those. ;)

While all this paper/cutting/taping action was going on, Katrina wanted to make a ghost. Here you can see that she answered the question I had the other day:

How does one really make a word bubble for a cake, anyway?

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Cher~ said...

Thank you for the chuckle. I think this definitely makes you a cool mom. Besides, now you have something great to scrapbook so I'll be waiting for update #3 with the layout!

Regina Easter said...

awesome awesome it....great job....such a good mommy

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