Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well, here I am...

...nursing, blogging, watching Disney's Princess Christmas movie and finishing up my 3rd glass of wine. I have accepted the fact that I may drink a glass or two or geez, even three glasses of wine several times a week this month. December is a hard, hard month for me. I must find a moment to relax this time of year and if that means drinking some wine to do it, that's what I'm going to do.

Trent is obsessed with the Princess Christmas DVD. He'd watch it 5 times a day if I'd let him. It was a gift for Katrina on her birthday, but it's Trent that watches it all the time. Don't even think about trying to talk to him during it, either. You can't. He doesn't hear you. I don't think he even blinks during the length of the movie. The first scene is a Disney version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Both he and his sister sing along to it.

Tonight when we started it, he exclaimed,

"HEY! Snow White's not a GIRL!"

"She's not?" I asked. "What is she then?"

"She's a lady", he said very matter of factly.

Ok. I didn't want to ask anymore about this. He seemed pretty sure of himself so I just took his word for it. I actually find Snow White the most irritating of all the Princesses. She has a really high and squeaky voice that just grates on my nerves.

The rest of the DVD is pretty decent. I love old animation and there is some of that on there. There is some questionable material on it, like what's the deal with the Beauty and the Beast scene???? Everyone who's seen the movie knows that the Beast turns into this hot dude (which btw reminds me of another story that I'll have to add on at the end of this) at the end of the movie. This scene has Beauty hangin' with the Beast in his beastly form. Was this a scene cut from the original? Probably not. Watching this scene however, I'm constantly tormenting myself with this question. Why? Why did Disney go back to the BEAST? Where's the hot dude? Why do I think the guy in the cartoon is hot?

NOTE: So, Snow White just came on the DVD and Trent says, "SEE!!! She's a LADY!!!"

Oh, so about the "hot dude":

Trent is watching tv when all of a sudden, I hear, "Hey! He's a HOT DUDE!!"

I look up to see what he's talking about. "He's HOT?" I asked.


I notice it's a commercial for the Fantastic Four DVD that's being released. Oh, well then, yes, I guess that guy on fire is a "hot dude".

Oh, and according to Trent as we've moved onto the next scene in the DVD, "COOKIES CAN'T TALK!!"

Have a nice weekend.

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Wendi said...

Oh Heather, I'm so happy to hear that somebody else's son loves princesses. :) Camden's best and imaginary friend for the entire year he was four was "Beauty." He seldom called her Belle. Every now and then he slips up and talks about her like she's still his pal. Then he catches himself and announces "eeeuuuuuuwwww, I HATE princesses!" The power of his peers. :( I miss Beauty now.

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