Friday, December 16, 2005

Breakfast with Santa

This morning, Trent's preschool had "Breakfast with Santa". For the last couple days, we practiced what they were going to ask Santa. We got up early this morning, showered and I dressed the kids in their Christmas gear. Everyone was excited and knew exactly what they were going to ask Santa for.

By the time we got there, walked into the room and saw Santa, things had changed.

"Trent! Go sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want!"

"Ho ho ho", said Santa

"NO! Baby Kat goes first." I could tell there was some panic in his voice.

Ok, so I picked up Baby Kat. She started crying right away. She knew she was going on that guy's lap. She completely forgot to tell him what she wanted, which by the way was a new baby.

I love the look on Santa's face. He was probably talked into be Santa at the very last minute. He looks a little frustrated. Baby Kat was only his third "customer" and there was a HUGE line behind her.

I really tried to convince Trent to sit on Santa's lap. He wanted nothing to do with that. So, I reminded him of last year when he just held Santa's hand and told him what he wanted. Layout of last year's Santa visit

"Oh, ok", he said. I could tell he suddenly remembered and that it was ok.

I walked him up to Santa and he grabbed Santa's hand.

"Well, what would you like for Christmas this year?" Santa asked.

"I want a SPIDERMAN!" Trent spoke like they were old buddies.

They talked a few seconds more and then it was over.

It must have really worn Trent out because he drank about three full glasses of apple juice without even breathing.

Well, so the Spiderman is a new thing. I thought it was Darth Vadar. I'll have to go out tomorrow and see what is left on the shelves.


Wendi said...

too cute, Heather! I just love how you journal what happened and then your thinking behind that. Sounds so real. :)

sherry said...

Poor little Baby Kat!! And Trent looks like such a little man just standing beside Santa holding his hand! Hope you can find a Spiderman!

sharonc said...

I gave up going to see Santa - Erin has NO INTEREST! A couple of years ago we did it and she screamed bloddy murder. It made for a pretty funny photo (and layout!) These are darling photos even if BK is crying.:)

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