Monday, August 04, 2014

I bet you were wondering about this

I am happy, no thrilled to report that that Ms. Chutney has finally found her forever home.

Remember my story from a month ago? Click here.

Well, Ms. Chutney has passed her two week trial with a wonderful couple. They have no other dogs and just one cat. Chutney doesn't seem to be interested in the cat at all.

I met the couple and they LOVED her. By the end of our visit, Chutney (now Charlie) LOVED them. She was sitting next to their feet and ready to live there.

It was reported that the new owners told Terri from Tucson Cold Wet Noses that we "are never ever getting her back again".

Thank you everyone for sharing her story, for your prayers and well wishes.

Chutney finally has her happy ending. Have a wonderful life, Chutney Charlie. We love you.

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Lupine Lens said...

Love Happy Tail ending!

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