Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I walked into the vet's office and maneuvered my way around other dogs waiting for the vet. I took Cassie up to the counter and waited for someone to notice me.

When she did, she smiled at me and then looked down and saw that I had Cassie with me.

Her smile disappeared and a look of sadness appeared. She asked, "Nothing for Cassie today?"

"No", I replied. "She's back until next weekend."

Cassie at Petsmart with Kat.

The lady called for help and soon Cassie and her wagging tail were whisked behind the door and back into her kennel. Before Cassie disappeared from sight, I gave her a pat on the head and a kiss on her nose. "Be a good girl", I said.

I turned back to the lady behind the counter, "Here's her paperwork and her "ADOPT ME" vest".

She sighed and said, "OK. She is such a good girl. All of us enjoy her so much here. We all wish she would get a good home soon."

I nodded my head in agreement while I folded the still warm leash up into my hands. "Have a good weekend", I said as I left the office.

This is Cassie's life. She lives in small kennel at the vet's office.

Cassie is another dog that was rescued from Pima Animal Care Center by Tucson Cold Wet Noses. Cassie was adopted and then for whatever reason, the adoptive parents decided they didn't want her anymore.  There was no where to put her so she sits in a kennel during the week.

Sometimes during the week, she gets a walk and sometimes on weekends she gets to visit Petsmart with the other dogs that are in foster care all looking for forever homes. At least the other dogs get to go home with their foster parents and sleep in warm beds. Cassie, on the other hand, doesn't have the luxury of a foster home where someone can pet her and keep her company.

I wanted to meet Cassie and get to know her more before I wrote this post on her.

Kat and I took Cassie to Petsmart a couple weeks ago. No one paid much attention to her. Customers always visit the cute little chihuahuas that wear the tiny colorful dresses and fancy collars. They sit pretty and beg for treats.

Cassie is HUGE. She's at least 75 pounds and doesn't wear colorful dresses or beg for treats. Instead, she sometimes barks and makes an embarrassing spectacle of herself when she sees a little dog. She does not show well at Petsmart.

What was initially obvious about Cassie is that she is very much loved by every person at Tucson Cold Wet Noses. Every single foster parent at Petsmart that day made it a point to come over to visit Cassie. They all gave her pets, treats and encouraging greetings. Someone purchased a bone for her to keep her busy at the event and then gave me extra for the vet to give her while she waits in her kennel for a home.

One of Cassie's very good friends, Jessica, said this about Cassie:

"I guess the sweetest thing about Cassie is when you pet her and look into her eyes, she just looks so happy and thankful to be with someone. I walk her around Catalina United Methodist Church in Tucson and a man came up to meet her, after a few minutes she was leaning up against him like he was her pal! She likes to chase lizards."

Cassie chilling in the grass. Photo by Jessica England.

I can confirm that Cassie does like to chase lizards! However, she doesn't go crazy-knock-you-over-onto-your-face-crazy that some dogs do. A quick "no" and she's back on course. She does walk very well on leash. She does know "sit" and I believe "down". Kat was trying to teach her "shake" while we were at Petsmart.

On that Saturday at Petsmart, I discovered that look she gives you when you pet her. She appreciates the good stuff! She wants a family, she wants to be your friend and loyal companion.

She is a beautiful dog that does not deserve to spend another day in a kennel. She deserves a home, relaxing in the grass and being petted by her favorite people. Hopefully YOU!

Cassie does best in a home at this time with no other dogs. Maybe at some point she will be able to live with another dog but as of right now, no. Cassie seems to be fine with cats.

Please contact Tucson Cold Wet Noses for more information about Cassie. Fill out an Adoption application or maybe a Foster application.

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