Monday, September 01, 2014

Slumber party with Brandy!

Brandy is a sweet girl from Pima Animal Care Center. I've written about her before.

It was another Deep Clean Sunday at PACC and they're closed today for Labor Day. I asked if we could bring her home for the day (and over night) to give her a break from shelter life.

She is such a good girl! I was surprised to note that she doesn't jump on the furniture. She'd prefer to just chill out on the floor or a dog bed.

Why are you up there? Oh, your feet smell like Fritos.
She and Shannon got along great. Manny was a bit jealous, but he ended up playing, too, by biting Brandy's ankles as she ran by.

At first, Brandy just watched Shannon and Manny play.

and she was slightly embarrassed for them.

How embarrassing for them.

Soon she kind of got the hang of this "playing stuff".

Hey, is this how I do it? Wanna play?

Shannon and Brandy started dragons.

Oh, you're on now, Brandy!

RAWR! I'm a dragon. You better watch out.

After the game of Dragons, it was "chase each other around the yard" time.

Can't catch me!

I got the snake!

Soon, it was time for a rest

Whew! I'm tired! and hot!
but it got too hot in the sun, so Brandy found herself some wet dirt to cool off in.

ahhh, wet dirt. That's better.

Later it was time to eat

Whatcha makin'?

and then time to rest (with toys)

I'm so tired but I love this toy. I'm going to rest on it.

and then on the bed (where I had to lift her) to cuddle with Kat.

This is better. Much softer and cuddlier.

Brandy has to go back to Pima Animal Care today. It was great to have her here. We will miss you, Brandy!! We love you!

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