Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yeah, so I fill a lot of prescriptions, so what?

I've been swimming in the bronchitis pool of mucus for over a week now. I haven't had the energy to cook, clean, eat or even shop for scrapbook supplies.

That's how I know I'm really sick - when I don't care about paper and glue.

My husband had been given the duties of household chores and running for my meds. I went to the doctor on Friday and walked out with five new prescriptions. None of them antibiotics. The only reason I agreed to that (because every. single. time. in my past when I get a cold, it ends up as an infection in my lungs) was because she gave me "special cough syrup".

I was in horrible pain from just coughing so hard and so often. I can't remember ever having the cough come from so deep in my lungs. I don't think I slept for 4 days because I'd cough every time my head hit the pillow.

I also couldn't move across the house without running out of breath and coughing.

I ordered Showtime because Dexter on Netflix only runs through Season 4. If I'm going to be stuck not being able to move, I'm going to watch something fun. I loved Season 4 and hoped it would get better. Right now, I'm on Season 7 and I'm thinking to myself, "When is this going to be over??" But Dexter has kind of grown on me so I'll continue to watch it through Season 8. I even asked Erik if he could start working out a little and cut his hair like Dexter but he just ignored me.

Don't spoil Season 8 for me. Please.

Anyway, I asked Erik to please go to Walgreens and get me some Sudafed (which I now actually refer to as pseudo YO! BITCH! since watching all the Breaking Bad shows in just a few weeks). The REAL stuff, not the crap that they put on the shelves. I want the stuff that really works and that sits on a velvet throne behind the counter.

I made sure Erik had his ID and his wallet (hey, don't laugh. It's happened before) and sent him off.

He came home several hours later. Erik always gets lost on the way to anywhere. Don't ask. It's another blog post for another day. I personally think he's dating someone named, "Candy" that works on a pole, but like I said....another day.

When he threw tossed the bag of drugs at me, he said, "I walked to the pharmacy, asked for the Sudafed (pseudo YO! BITCH) and gave them my driver's license.  The woman behind the counter said,

Oh! You must be Heather's other half! It's nice to meet you!"

Erik just looked at me. I've been going there nearly every other day (it seems like that) to pick up my prescriptions and my Sudafed (pseudo YO! BITCH). I don't even have to tell them my name. They just start looking under the "Bs" for my prescription. Sometimes I have to stop them and tell them I have nothing called in, I'm just there for my pseudo.

And then when I went in there today, the woman behind the counter said, "Oh, it was nice meeting your other half over the weekend."

I almost asked her if I could take her picture for my blog post because I wanted to write about this but I chickened out.

So, I have no picture of my friend at the pharmacy but I'll leave you with this instead (because pictures are important!).

Here is an exclusive behind the scene photo from Halloween. It's my neighbor, Casey, using her "Grey Away" spray to give Kat a more accurate Katniss look. Katniss had darker hair than Kat's natural blonde.

I can't always make the magic happen on my own. I depend on my good friends.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Don't accidentally buy the wrong pseudo YO BITCH or you're screwed for the month or whatever arbitrary time limit is set by the war on drugs idiots. At least your hubby will ante up an ID to help you out. The guy at the Bashas pharmacy thinks I'm a polygamous since I'm always picking up scripts for my hubby and my BFF whose a dude.

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