Sunday, May 05, 2013

National Scrapbook Day OVER!

I have the hardest time being productive on this day. All the pressure to scrap something gives me anxiety and instead of doing something I just freeze. It's usually the day after NSD that I come up with something.

This is a picture of Kat, Trent and my father at my MIL's wedding in December 2011. Did you follow that?

my father,
mother in law's wedding

I love how Trent is looking cool, calm and collected while his sister is squirming away from her grandfather.

Every once in awhile, I pick up old books from yard sales with the goal to destroy them and add them to my pages. The background with the first part of the title is from a Little Red Riding Hood book. I loved the animation and knew I could use it with something.

There is also some some pieces of BasicGrey, MME, Crate, Sass and Doodlebug.

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