Monday, April 29, 2013


This crazy picture of Kat screamed for NEON! Paint was on sale at Michael's this week so I picked some cheap-o neon colors and went to town. I toned it down with gesso, believe it or not. :P

There is also a bunch of sequins and bling posted around the page. That reminds me of something....

While at Michael's a lady was there with her two young daughters. She was talking to them and asked if they thought they needed more glitter than the small bottle she had in her hand. There was another lady in the aisle with me and the mom and we both turned to her and said, "You can never have enough glitter".

True story!

My scanner is going out so I chose to take a picture instead. You can see the clip at the top of the page. That is not part of the layout.

I did this layout sometime last week. Some Jenni Bowlin and more paint.

The horizontal lines are not part of the page. They are the result of my scanner going out.

Ok. Gotta go. Blake is sitting on my lap, pushing the keyboard away and saying, "cuddle cuddle". I guess it's time to cuddle.

Thanks for your comments.

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