Friday, May 10, 2013

The story of the Rockas

For the last several years, I have been buying packages of the most delicious cookies from the bakery at the Mexican grocery store. They're called Rockas and they're filled with raisins, coconut, nuts and sometimes carrots.

They're my favorite cookie ever and I've scoured the internet for a recipe because I love them that much.

Today I was at the bakery and noticed they had two different colors of cookies. One looked like chocolate and the other was the normal raisin, etc one. I picked up one package of each. They were both simply marked, "Rockas" and I could see no difference in the ingredient list.

So, when I got to the check out lane, I asked the cashier if she knew what the difference between the two packages were.

She looked at me and said, "Oh, they were just probably baked on different days."

I thought that meant the darker cookies were over baked because they had some new employee working in the bakery that didn't know his/her stuff.

That's when she looked around suspiciously, leaned in closer to me and said very quietly, "There's a secret about the Rockas and I'm going to tell you...."

Oh! I was excited!!

She continued, "...they're recycled donuts".

What? The stunned look on my face let her know she should continue.

"They take the donuts that don't sell that day and put them in the freezer. After a couple days, they take them out, grind them up, add raisins, nuts, coconut sometimes carrots."

I just looked at her.

"The ones they put the carrots in are my favorite".


At first I was like, "Oh, well I guess that's why I like them so much. That's interesting."


That means, the frosting, the filling, the sprinkles, EVERYTHING is ground up, more eggs and fat are added, they're scooped out into packed handfulls, sprinkled with sugar and baked.

and then I was like, "Oh, sweet Lord, that means I'm probably eating 4 donuts in one bite of that cookie!!"

She continued, "A lot of people don't eat them anymore because they're grossed out to find out they're recycled donuts."

That didn't bother me as much as the fact that I was probably eating 4 donuts in one bite.


I will never buy them again.

Oh, and we both decided that the darker ones probably were chocolate donuts.


David said...

seen rockas in an ad, found this so i know what they are now. by the newspring sale paper I guessed they might be chicken livers. lol

ill try them though.

David said...

lol. if you compressed 4 donuts into 1 bite size they'd be so dense it would be like eating rock.

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