Sunday, October 09, 2011

Katrina Logic

Kat and I headed out to Michael's to use the 50% off coupon. I had no idea what I wanted as it seemed that EVERYTHING I was interested in was already marked down in the ad.

Anyway, we pull into the Michael's parking lot and Kat says, "Mom, what is Michael's? It's not a store. It has a lot of paper." Then she looks around at the other stores in the shopping center and claims,

"Hancock paper, that's a store." 
"Money store (this is what she calls Dollar store") paper, that's a store."

I said, "What do you mean, Kat? Of course it's a store. Why wouldn't it be a store?"

and then it hit me.....

I said, "I have a lot of paper, don't I?"

Her eyes got really big and she says, "YES!! That's what I mean. You have a lot of paper but you're NOT  a store!"

So, in Katrina Logic if a person/company has and/or sells a HUGE stash of paper, they are in no way shape or a form a store. I admit I do have a lot of paper, but I never thought it would it would warp the thinking of my 7 year old.

If she starts saying the same thing about M&M's then I think we'll have a problem.


Houses Built of Cards said...

That's so cute!!! My 7 and 8 year old daughters just roll their eyes whenever we go to Michael's or Joanns and say, "You need MORE scrapbooking stuff?!?!?!" Funny how they see it, huh?

flowerdisco said...

i had a good laugh! :)

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