Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting impatient

We took less pictures this year than we have in past years. I don't know what their problem was. We were at El Encantada at 7:45 this morning to take photos. Yes, it was a little cold but we promised them hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls if they behaved. They let me take their pictures while they stood there and tried not to look cold. I screwed up and forgot my gray card. We took about 60 pictures and I HATED every single one of them.

I was an absolute mess when I got to work. I was so worried about the pictures. We were late getting these taken and I didn't know what we were going to do. Erik promised me we would do something this afternoon after work. The kids got dressed again and I dug out the gray card and the tripod.

The first batch I hated, too. well, actually I liked them but I wasn't watching and I cut off their hands in the pics. We had to do it again.

The kids moaned and groaned and I just sat casually on the couch and told them we could do this all day. I was barking out orders; turn to the right, scoot over a little, no that's too much, Trent put your chin down, try to keep your eyes open, etc. etc.

Ok, try not to keep your eyes open that much.

Katrina had enough of this and she gave me the "Yes, Ma'am" salute.

This is not the picture we're using for Christmas cards but it sums up the experience pretty well.

We decided to use this one. It's not at our favorite outdoor mall (which is tradition in this house) but it will have to do.

I'm still grumpy about the whole thing.

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LAuclair said...

I bet even the out-takes are adorable! :)

Laura Lee said...

Too Funny Heather...Love the salute one! :)

Sharon Caudle said...

LOL! You poor thing! I love the "eyes wide open" pic!

Regina Easter said...

well that last one is way adorable...

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Heather, the third pic is the charm! Too sweet! xxD

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