Friday, January 12, 2007

While I wasn't watching

atKatrina smeared cherry Chapstick all over her bedspread. It doesn't come out. She was supposed to be napping.
She painted directly onto her shirt instead of the paper. We were in the same room.
She somehow turned my entire computer screen a 90 degree angle. It took me forever to figure out how to fix it.
She moved files around in my computer.
She locked her father out of his own computer. That took awhile to figure out, too.
She shaved her face with shaving cream and her My Little Pony Spinbrush.
She climbed on the counter, helped herself to a bowl from the cabinet, got herself a ladle and fixed herself some hot soup right from the pan on the stove.
While up there getting herself a bowl, she decided she needed to help herself to some Vitamin C tablets as well. (I caught her first)
She dumped an entire box of packing peanuts on the ground and shuffled through them like they were leaves.
She dumped a nearly full container (2.5 quarts) of Downey into my washing machine. I didn't discover this until I started the machine.

and this was all within the last week.

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Anonymous said...

She's a good little helper, huh?

Bwahahahhaaaaa!!!!! Seeing the humor in it all is half the battle. :)

MarilynH said...

Oh my gosh--You have one of these too?????? I feel for you! and they are alwas the really cute kids that act this way! ha ha

Jill Schnabel said...

LOL! Just reading that is enough to make me laugh...but then to see that picture of her with that expression on her face and the peanuts scattered around...priceless. Exhausting, but priceless!!!

sharonc said...

Sounds like you and Katrina have had a busy few days. LOL I hope you got pictures of her escapades so you can scrap them and use them to embarass her later in life :) A Scrappy Mom's revenge :)

Kari said...

this is hilarious! I love the picture - nice to know someone else out there has a "curious" child!

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