Friday, August 18, 2006

Vortex of Real Estate Hell, car crashes and more

Well, here it is the 18th. We were supposed to move today, but I guess the buyers of our home thought we were taking potatoes as payment because we found out that there is NO MONEY. We found this out about 2 hours before we were supposed to sign papers. They beat their record of screwing us, though, by about a week. Last time this happened with these buyers, they at least had the courtesy of giving us a week's notice before we were informed the deal went bad. Oh, I've been assured that the money is still coming, we just weren't exactly sure when up until a few hours ago.

I've been told that maybe next Tuesday or maybe even Wednesday we'll be moving. Sure. I won't hold my breath. I think this is perhaps the 3rd or 4th time we've had a moving date. My phone is already turned off and on at the new home we don't even own yet. I can't change it back without losing my phone number. I thought we'd give it a couple days, why not? After all, that's the least of my worries at this point.

During all this excitement of deal on, deal off, Erik and I crashed our cars. I was driving Trent to school earlier this week and rear-ended Erik. He had left the same time that we did to go to work. He was driving in front of me and as I was watching the people walking around on the side of the road exchanging insurance information from an accident that must have happened 30 seconds before, I slammed into Erik. It was either kill a pedestrian or hit Erik.

Well, I promised State Farm I would let everyone know how they screwed us up, down, sideways and back and forth. So, here's my story on how we no longer have Erik's vehicle, or even a 2nd vehicle:

Last September, I called my now retired State Farm Agent and told him that we no longer wanted collision coverage and glass on the Volvo (Erik's car). The car was a 95 with now a 170,000 miles on it. It wasn't worth much more then the amount of the deductible.

"Oh, problem", was the response of the girl on the other end of the phone.

I knew that if Erik was hit from another driver, he would be covered by their liability. Erik has always been a careful driver and had never been in an accident. After I hung up the phone, I started worrying about theft and the glass coverage. After discussing it with Erik, we decided to add glass back to the Volvo. I called the woman back, explained by reason and added glass back. We felt we were covered.

Well guess what? We are NOT covered. We were quickly informed that we can not have a claim on ourselves. In other words, they will not pay for the damage of the Volvo (blue book value of $1700). We have lost our 2nd vehicle. HadErik been a stranger, he would have been covered.

I have been with State Farm for 19 years. My parents have been with them for 26 years, my Grandmother since she moved here; 10 years and my daughter 1 year. All of us our canceling our policies.

I was NEVER informed of this situation. Had I been informed I would have never followed behind Erik while driving. Doesn't your insurance company push, push, push for that 2nd car coverage? Shouldn't that information then be on the top of their mind when you call and make a change on the 2nd vehicle's coverage?

We don't have coverage for a rental car. Right now we have NO VEHICLE! I have to pay for a rental car for who knows how long. We cannot afford another car (even after selling this house...another issue I just don't feel like writing/talking about) so Erik will have to take the bus to work. We have no other choice.

Check your insurance coverage. I know there are several of you out there with a decent family car with full coverage and another car that's maybe somewhat of a junker without collision. If so, let me tell you YOU ARE NOT COVERED!!!!

Either put collision on that junker car or don't ever caravan behind the junker.

I was going to add some uploads from the 15th. I'll do that on another day.


oOcarrieOo said...

awww Heather...
Sorry to hear about your house AGAIN! How frustrating! You will be moved in no time and all this will be behind you, as for the car situ - i hope it all works out. We recently had to get a loan to buy a new car as the fuel injection bust on the old one and it wasn't economical to get it fixed.

Angela Green said...

Oh no, Heather! I'm so sorry. :( *Big Squishy Hug*

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