Sunday, August 27, 2006

New House

This is a copy of a letter I wrote someone when she asked about the new house. I thought I'd just copy and paste it here. Everything is the same except that the dogs have now caught several lizards and even a baby mouse. After all the complaining and whining I've done this last six weeks, it sure is nice to have something happy to write about. :P

The kids are doing really well! Everyone is kinda surprised at how well they're doing. Katrina is even sleeping in her big girl bed and not her crib. Trent says he never wants to go back to that other house and that he "luhhhhhvvvveeeees this house!"
The kids spend most of the day playing out on the patio. Trent rides his bike back and forth while Katrina plays in the Little Tykes car. They pretend they are policemen/women. They hardly ever watch tv anymore.
Katrina named a little ground squirrel she can see from her bedroom window, "Seeds". She likes to sit on the bench under her window and watch him.
Even the dogs are happy. They spend the entire day outside chasing fuzzy creatures and lizards. Thankfully, they haven't caught one yet. They don't whine to come inside and at the end of the day they sleep like rocks.
Erik and I are still unpacking. We like to watch the mountains in the mornings go from hazy to clear. Neither of us could remember what the mountains looked like in the morning before now.
Today we took a test bike ride to Trent's school. He was able to ride his Superman bike the entire way (.70) miles while Erik and I followed behind him. I pulled Katrina behind me in the bike trailer.
And yes, I'm hoping the best for my buyers. I am no longer mad at them. ;)
I still don't have my scrappy room unpacked. It's a little bit overwhelming.
I think everything is better then we expected. Thanks for asking. :D

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying their new swing set:

Here is a picture of the dogs in the backyard. You can see we just have a chain link fence, dirt and cactus. I don't care though. Everyone around us has a block wall so we still have lots of privacy. I can still go out on my back patio in my underwear. ;) Right now I'm really enjoying the natural desert (as are the dogs). We will eventually landscape it and probably remove the cacti. For now, though, I really like it. I will post some pictures of my mountain view and some pictures of our saguaros. Having a saguaro in your yard is a big deal and we have 3! None of them have arms, but it's still pretty cool to have your own saguaro.

And here's a layout from Peek for the 31st upload. I only had time for one layout this time around. We were using Technique Tuesdsay stamps. I love those things!!

Thanks everyone!!


sherry said...

Heather, this all sounds so wonderful! The kids look and sound happy with the move and I can tell you are too! I am so happy for you! And how cute about "Seeds"!!

Wendi said...

Awesome!!!! So glad it's turning out OK. What a horrible ordeal you've been through. May this be the beginning of a LOT of wonderful memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a slice of Heaven on earth! Enjoy!!!!!

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