Thursday, May 25, 2006

Land of the Free, MotorHome of the Brave

Generation X, I demand you stand up and take action against the Baby Boomers of this country. The Baby Boomers are starting to retire and what are they doing? They are filling every nook and cranny of their property with obtrusive, obnoxious and ugly motor homes and boats.

Since I have recently been looking for a new home, I have noticed the invasion of the mini mansions on wheels sticking out from behind bushes, over block walls or just audaciously sitting out in plain view. Against their tires lie slabs of wood to protect them from rotting in the Arizona sun.

If the owners have any money left from their retirement fund after their $100,000+ splurge on one of these babies, some of these homes on wheels have been graced with special carports built just for them. They seem large enough to hold a small airplane. They stand taller than the homes their owners live in year round and their roofs are made with only the best corrugated aluminum found on this side of the country.

These are a new generation of eye-sore.

At what point would I pay nearly a half a million dollars for a home that has a perfect view of my neighbor's motor home? I ask myself this question at nearly every home I've looked at.

When I was looking for a home 10 years ago, I don't remember the real estate listing stating whether or not there was RV parking available. If it was there, maybe it was at the bottom of the listing, not near the top of the listing with the square footage and price of the home.

Nearly every open house my husband and I have been to, the first thing that comes out of the real estate agent's mouth, after shaking our hands and introducing himself is, "You got an RV? There's room for an RV here."

It takes everything I have not to just turn around and run. Instead I politely look around and when I get in the backyard, I see not only the owner's RV, but their neighbor's RV sticking up over the back wall.

Yeah, this is where I want to live. NOT!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... but this post made me laugh!!!!! OMGosh!!!! As being a person born in 1962 it's arguable that I'm actually a baby-boomer in my opinion... I don't consider myself one, I'm not sure what I am... but I'm about to admit something... I want a motorhome!!!

There's worse problems you could have. ;O

Jaci said...

I'm in Tucson as well and can SO relate! Although in Continental Ranch there's a "no motorhome" rule so I mostly see it when I'm driving around! If you think of a way to change it be sure to let me know! :)

Mom said...

As a Baby Boomer, I object to your comments. You have taken on an entire generation of hard working Americans who have earned the right to decorate their homes with floral wallpaper, stuffed deer heads, sofas with Lazy-Boy lounges at each end, (complete with a built-in snack bar!) and their yards with monster RV's. If you're really nice to them, they'll let you borrow the RV for your vacation!

sherry said...

LOL Heather! I know it must be frustrating for you but as a baby boomer, I have to giggle!

Anne said...

I just had to leave a comment on here because you really cheered up my Saturday morning!! I'm sorry too but I couldn't help laugh my head off at this because I know exactly where you're coming from!!

Great read!!!

sharonc said...

Amen sister! LOL I totally agree (although your post seems to have generated a little good humored controversy) Who the heck wants to stare at someones RV all day? Just wait until they have clean it and get it ready to go and then it will be parked in front of their (and your home).

Come to New England - no RV's here and you can get a little woodsy land to block between neighbors -aaah- heaven! :)

Angie said...

Ha! Too funny! I'm surprised we don't see those down here, with all of the retirees that move to Florida and all, but I think most areas restrict that sort of thing...motorhomes, boats, trailers, etc. Good thing, it would make me nuts, too!

Kimberly said...

LOL!!!! ROTFLOLPIMPS! So with you sister! hehehehe
How are you? I was just missing you and thought I would pop over to see whats been happening with you lately.
I'm thinking you need to move up to Phoenix we can do some scrappin togetha! :))))

Jennifer Sizemore said...

bwaaaaaaa ha ha. I wonder if that could be a new sort criteria in real estate listings? Thanks for the giggle at your expense.

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