Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Sponge Bob Position

Well, the kids have been driving me absolutely nuts all day today. They haven't stopped fighting, crying, arguing, whining, etc. Every time Trent has something, Katrina is all of a sudden interested in it and has to have it. Same thing with Katrina. Every time she has something, Trent is suddenly interested.

My last resort was to threaten to call Grandma. Grandma suggested that I teach the kids the Yoga Sponge Position. We decided to get the kids interested we would call it the Sponge Bob Position.

When I said to the kids, "Let's do the Sponge Bob Position", oh they were all over that.

So, imagine the three of us laying on the floor. I'm talking and trying to get them to relax and all of a sudden, in a very quiet room, somebody farts. Then there's giggles and Baby Kat says, "I toot." I tried to ignore it, but that did no good. She sits up to see Trent giggling and decides that this is a prime nursing opportunity. There was no more relaxing under the weight of the water after that.

Our Sponge Bob Position lasted about 15 seconds, but it did seem to work. They are now sitting on the couch, watching Simpsons and I've been able to type this without any interruption.

Oh, and Erik is coming home with a bottle of wine for me!

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Jocelyn said...

next time you and erik want to go out or something, ship your kids to chicago. because i am baby-sitting them. i'll be at the airport- don't worry. i'm very qualified. i know what's up.

they are SO cute

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