Monday, March 27, 2006

M&M Cheeseburgers and other stuff

I've been neglecting my blog AGAIN. It's kinda easy to do. I did try updating a couple of days ago with some pictures I took, but it seems this place was having issues or something.

Dinner at my house is always a battle unless we're having chicken nuggets or pb&j. Tonight we had vegi-burgers. At first, the kids were all excited that we were having "McDonalds, but the home version", but soon their excitement faded away to whines and cries. We threatened that they weren't getting dessert, but it didn't seem to matter. For some reason, a thought came into my head, "I'll put M&M's on their cheeseburgers!"

It worked. The kids ate bite after bite of their cheeseburgers with an M&M on each huge bite. I'd kinda put the M&M off the edge of their burger so they'd have to take a decent size bite to get it.

Of course, I realize I'll have to come up with something different tomorrow. Uh oh.

Darn it, I still can't get pictures on. I'll try tomorrow.


Genevieve said...

Mmm! Chocolate and beef! Yeah, I had trouble yesterday with photos too. I was able to upload, but when you click to see the bigger image, it's just a bunch of code. Oh well!

Anne said...

My son used to struggle to eat all his packed lunch at school in the short time they were allotted so one day, afraid he'd not get time to eat it, he put his peppermint aero inside his ham sandwich! Creative thinking or what?? LOL! I'm loving your tales!!

Anne x

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