Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally, some pics

Here are the pictures I was trying to post the other day.

Baby Kat dressed herself that day. She picked out the flower pants and then pulled out the "Wiggle Wiggle" shirt. Then, she even put them on all by herself!!

"I did it!", she squealed in sheer delight. Here's a picture of her doing her "Super Special Tricky I Did It" dance moves, complete with her tongue sticking out.

I like this picture of Trent on the playground equipment. It's a space shuttle, if you don't recognize it. I thought it would make a great new banner for my blog, but I still really like the one of Trent waiting for the golf ball to come out of the pipe. That's what he's doing in the picture if you ever wondered.

And finally, here's Baby Kat. There's ice cream all over her face and a little booger in her nose, but I don't care. I still like the picture.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Great pics, Heather.
I love the current banner with Trent waiting for the golf ball, by the way :)


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