Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rodeo Days and Baggies

This week we celebrate Rodeo. **yawn** At Trent's school, they're having Rodeo Days on Thursday and Friday. I really want him to participate, so we spent all yesterday morning looking for boots or a hat. There are no little boy cowboy boots in Tucson, well, at least ones that fit my budget of $20.00. I was just about to give up when I found a place in the mall that sold cowboy hats. He picked out a red one. Doesn't he look cute? I love how he tucks the strings behind his ears.

The Clifford that's pictured in the Valentine Day's photo was destroyed by Zoe. I felt so bad for the little guy. He loves Clifford and sleeps with him every night. While looking for Rodeo apparel at Goodwill (yeah, I was desperate) we found the new Clifford. He was thrilled! I think he picked out a red hat because it's the same color as Clifford.

It was no problem finding Baby Kat cowgirl boots. They're from Target. She loves her boots and won't take them off. She also doesn't like her pants. Hmmm... I guess it's easier to dig in the dirt without pants.

With Katrina now two, I had forgotten how everything has to be in a baggie. Trent has moved out of the baggie phase and it's been a couple years. Katrina has had some odd requests for items in a baggie: shredded cheese, ketchup and even jelly. It's funny how things are so much better when they come out of a baggie.


JENNY B said...

HEATHER!!!!! love love that baggie pic with the pink boots!!!! you rock!!!!
clifford adn the hat r pretty cute 2!!!!

fourgirlsandaboy said...

Hey Heather- you look so familiar. I live in Tucson too. I wonder if i've just met you scrapbooking or did you go to school here? Love the pink cowgirl boots! Michaels kids shoes sells cowboy boots- got some red ones there a few years back for one of my girls. Love your stuff-

Wendi said...

Those pink boots are too cute! Makes me wish I had a pair myself :) LOVE your photos, as always. Gonna try to mimic your poses and see if I can't get one decent shot of my boys!

Angela Green said...

Do you have some of the cutest kids in the world? Uh yes, I think you do! ;)

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