Sunday, February 12, 2006

Little Poser

I couldn't believe it when Baby Kat posed for me so I could take her pictures. I was trying out my new diffuser for the flash when I took these:

Here she is giving kisses to the camera. Don't you just love her one curl. LOL! She has a curl only on one side of her head.

Ashley, I and the kids went to the gem show over the weekend. We were there on Wednesday, too, but ran out of time and money quite quickly. I thought about bringing my camera to take pictures and then chickened out. Too many oddballs down there. I didn't want to have to watch the kids and worry about my camera.

I just love the strings of polished stones and beads of all colors. Each of the kids picked out a strand and we'll make necklaces out of them. Of course, Trent wanted pink. Goofy kid.

I didn't see any dinosaur skeletons this time. I didn't see the fossilized dinosaur poop, either. What is that stuff called? I can't remember. I was going to get some and send it to all my online friend's kids.

1 comment:

em said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are adorable!!

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