Sunday, December 21, 2014

The annual Christmas card photo shoot

It's that time of year again where I spend the day yelling at the kids to take a shower and brush their hair.

We gather up the photo equipment, make Kat change into normal clothing, make Trent take off his favorite skull t-shirt and find a place to take a picture.

We didn't go to our normal spot this year. We just drove west on Ina until we got to Saguaro National Monument. We waited for the sunset.

I wasted the normal amount of time yelling at the kids to stop goofing around.

I took the goofing-around-photos to get them out of the way so I could get some normal ones later.

Here are the ones the kids chose as their favorites. Of course, none of these will be used as the Christmas card. These are just the photos I have to take as required by Kat and Trent.

Mom, take a picture of us like this!

OK. Done?

No MOM! This is a Kenpo move. Take a picture of us like this!

They both run over to look at it on my camera.

Are you done?

NO MOM! Take a picture of us like this!

They both run over to look at it on my camera.

Can we take a nice picture now?

OK. Both of you need to look at me at the SAME TIME.

Maybe this was an accident on Trent's part, but I can pretty much guarantee that Kat did this face on purpose.

Now, I'm getting really pissed. I'm cold. I'm hungry.


Sure MOM!

It was OK, until Trent grabbed her neck.

This is when Erik stepped in and started threatening lives.

I did get my picture but you won't see until Christmas.

In case you missed other year's photo shoots, here are some links:


There will be no hard copy Christmas cards this year. Thank you to all of you that have sent me Christmas cards. I have them all displayed and I love looking at them.

It's been a very, very financially tight year. We are borrowing our neighbor's Christmas tree it's so tight. Thank goodness I had so many prescriptions this year that I acquired 100,000 points at Walgreens which equals $100 worth of gifts to put under our borrowed Christmas tree!! WOOHOO!!

We have each other and a roof (right now anyway) over our head so we are OK. I'm going to school to hopefully get a decent job in the next year or so.

The official Christmas Card photo that I'll send to all of my friends and family will be on my blog on Christmas day.



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