Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The price of water bottles

I've been pricing water bottles lately because mine keep disappearing.

First, the selection of water bottles is overwhelming. You have glass ones, plastic ones with straws, plastic with snap off lids, plastic with twist on lids, they come with hooks to hang on our belt, they come with a plastic insert to flavor your water with lemons or strawberries. Some are dishwasher safe, some are not. Some can't go in the freezer. Some don't even have an opening large enough to add ice.

The list goes on and on.

But that's not the worst part. Why the heck would I spend $15.00 on a stupid plastic water bottle that holds 12 ounces just so I can hook it onto my belt? I haven't seen a water bottle under $10 for years.

And 12 ounces is nothing. By the time I walked back to the bedroom to watch TV with my water bottle, it would be empty and I'd have to get up and go refill it again and again.

I gave up and just started carrying around a cup of water and hanging on to it in the car when I drove around corners.

Having an open glass of water in this house isn't a swell idea, either. If the cat isn't sneaking drinks of my ice water, then the dogs are knocking them over.

Running with a cup of water wasn't working so I went back to my old bicycle water bottles. I spend 10 minutes every time trying each lid to see if it fits. Why don't they just make the same freakin' size lid?

An open cup of water at the animal shelter wasn't going to work, either. I need a lid because when those hoses start spraying, poop and pee can float around in the air and land in my water. I know it happens and don't try to tell me it doesn't.

I needed something BIG, something with a lid and something I could thrown in the dishwasher.

I was at the gas station and found this baby:

It's huge! It's like 7,000 ounces and it lasts me all day long. Kat is holding it so you can see how big that sucker is. It's bigger than her head and upper body. And the best part....it was $6.99 and it came with a free fill of Diet Dr. Pepper.

I took it to pre-school today and all the kids made fun of me. But, because I'm an adult, I just let it roll off my back. I just sipped on my Diet Dr. Pepper and watched while they waited in line at the drinking faucet.

Yeah, my score of the day. Go me!

Just try drinking out of this, stupid cat!


Cori said...

Haha, I just bought one of those yesterday and my aides at school all made fun of me today. Too bad for them, and their 60 cent diet cokes from the machine. I get 52 oz of it with ice for 49 pennies! Big cups unite!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Giant indeed! I've seen those around and they are massive. Since I don't want ice in my water I just buy bottled water and reuse the bottle over and over until it grows green. The cats can't drink out of it and with its lid you can toss it around willy nilly.

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