Saturday, May 17, 2014

Being in the right place at the right time

So after I walked Harry, I brought him back to discover that after bottle feeding and helping kittens poop, Kat was assisting the vet.

That's her hand right there in the front. She was holding a tube of what they told her was "sleepy mist".

I guess the little gal had either been hit by a car or was in a bad fight. She was not in good shape. Two techs were holding the dog down, Dr. Jen was working on the dog and Kat was in charge of keeping the "sleepy mist" right at the dog's nose.

Harry, a sweet dog suffering from severe Valley Fever.
Trent and I had just dropped off Harry and we needed to leave to help set up the Help Desk, a new program at intake.

I told Kat that when she was done to meet us at intake.

I found out later from Kat that the dog actually died right there on the table while they were working on her. Kat also explained to me that the vet had told her the dog was still moving after death because of her reflexes.

I asked Kat if she was upset about that and she said, "Well, I feel bad for the dog but the vet was trying to help her. Now she's not in pain so it's OK."

I was shocked. Absolutely shocked that she was as calm and cool as she was.

She then proceeded to tell me that Dr. Jen had patted the little pup after she had died and Kat noticed that dust flew out of her fur when she did that.

I'll repeat what I said above:

I was shocked. Absolutely shocked that she was as calm and cool as she was.

Later I asked the shelter manager about what happened (as he was in the room, too) and he said that everyone was kind of holding their breath to see how Kat would react with the dog dying and even they were surprised with her reaction.

Wow! I knew she wanted to be a vet when she grew up but I can't help but be impressed that at the age of 10, she is OK with what she had just witnessed and that she felt good about trying to help this dog.

She's going to be a great vet.

As an after thought, Kat even told me that wiping the kittens' behinds to make them poop and pee really wasn't all that bad, either.

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