Sunday, March 23, 2014

What we did during Spring Break

I know there are several moms out there that don't like it when their kids are home from school, but I'm the opposite. I love it.

This is what we did. Believe me, these kids were worn out every day. Ha!

We walked dogs. Lots of dogs. Here is Kat and Trent with Temp.
We played with the PACC office cat when no one was looking. 

We took pictures of dogs and did everything we could to get them to sit still.

Lola wanted to cuddle up next to Kat. It was one of the only ways we could get her to sit still.

This is Trent with Indie. He had to lay down on the fake grass to get Indie to chill next to him.

We sat in cages in order to attract people to look at certain cute little white terriers as their next pet.

and then, when we tried to take a break from dogs, we found stray dogs in our yard.

It was a busy, busy week and Kat still wanted to go back to PACC today even after she had been to a sleepover last night. We're exhausted but it was a good week. I even saw Trent smile a couple of times.

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