Wednesday, September 11, 2013

... and LOTS and LOTS of MEAT

I think the kids are trying to tell me something.

The last time I bought any meat was 11 days ago and it was for a Labor Day BBQ/get together.

I've been trying to avoid meat and animal products. I'm not ready to totally commit so I'm not going to go into great detail why I've made this switch.  It's just a personal decision I've made and a challenge I'm trying to achieve. Just please don't mention it to my mother. She freaks out when I do stuff like this.

Several, ahem, decades ago, I was a vegetarian. My mother always tried to give me turkey on Thanksgiving.

"Oh, have a little turkey. It's Thanksgiving. You should have some." My mother would say this as she's inching a plate of turkey closer and closer to me.

Not eating any meat means that I've been cooking like a mad woman.  It seems like all I do is buy fresh produce, whole wheat flour, and bake and cook.

I'm on my feet for what feels like hours. I need new shoes now.

Yep, I've just justified purchasing new shoes because I cook all day.

The kids and Erik have been willing to try all the crazy meals I've been making and some of them pass their taste test. I guess not all do, though and I found this on my refrigerator.

I'm not ready to give in quite yet. I'll make them some nice pumpkin oatmeal cookies without any eggs or butter.

They'll change their minds.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'm not sold on meat myself but then those nutty Mexicans went and invented menchaca so now I can't live without it. Plus I've been pro-hamburger as long as I can remember, but for gosh sakes get that disgusting steak out of my face. Have you tried those fake meats on your kids yet? Tofurkey and soy burgers and cardboard steakettes or whatever. Your kids crack me up. Don't forget the doughnuts.

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