Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All of this for $40.00

Sorry, this MEGA DEAL is for local peeps only.

I have a Playmobil Horse Farm set for sale. It does have most of the parts. From glancing at the cover of the box, it's missing the ladder, a section of the ceiling (pictured) that doesn't seem to effect the structure, a mug, a few pieces of food and the black cat.
See the space to the left of the horse sign. It's missing.

To make up for the black cat, I've included a purple unicorn. Everyone knows unicorns are better than cats anyway.

It does have all the important pieces like the horses, people and the fake plastic poop.

It also comes with the instruction sheet and the special little Playmobil tool for putting the structure pieces together. If you give me your address I can forward any additional parts we may find in the future.

This set normally retails for about $100.00 and that is without the unicorn. I really would like $40.00 for all of this. Here's a link to Amazon where it is $124.00:

Playmobil Horse Farm WITHOUT purple unicorn

My daughter loves horses and one Christmas, I thought this would be the perfect gift. It's been sitting in the box for a couple years and has only been played with once, maybe twice.  Sometimes the cat likes to hide in the box and attack us as we walk by.

Like I said, unicorns are better than cats.

But wait, that's not all...

If you act now, you get this set of 7 Playmobil pirates. Because of new pirate laws in the Caribbean and the lack of gold bullion, they have decided to retire. Jeff (their Captain) has always wanted to work on a horse farm and he and his crew were delighted when I offered them the opportunity to help Sally, Joe and Mike on the farm. (You can come up with your own names later if you'd like).

But wait, that's still not all...

Respond in the next 10 minutes and you get this un-assembled Playmobil Ranger Hut. There are no instructions to put it together and my kids were getting annoyed with me because I kept saying, "Hurry up! I have to put this on-line!!" They refused to even try and wanted to get back to their brain numbing Minecraft games.

This set comes with some animals, baby animals, people and some trees. Even if you just throw away the structure pieces, there are so many items in here that would work so well on the Horse Farm.

This is what it is supposed to look like:

Ranger's Hut

and YES, for those of you wondering, we do have the monkey. The monkey is the second coolest animal next to the unicorn.

So let me wrap this up. For $40.00 you get a kajillion pieces of Playmobil PLUS the purple unicorn. Please don't ask me to count the pieces. If you would like to come over and count them yourself, you are more than welcome.

I know your child (it says ages 4+) will have countless hours of fun playing with Sally, Joe, Mike and Jeff the Pirate and his gang.

and just an FYI, Playmobil pieces don't hurt nearly as much as Lego pieces when you step on them in the middle of the night. 

oh, and we don't smoke but we do have animals. I will vacuum the cat hair out of the boxes before handing them over.

Thanks for your time and have a fantastic day.

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