Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zoe gave me a kiss

The dog has never really liked me so the kiss was a bit of a shock. Kat and I were in bed when Zoe jumped up and licked my cheek.

I didn't even ask her.

She just did it.

and then she did it three more times.

But when I said, "Thank you, Zoe!" she growled a little and jumped off the bed.

Kat took this picture

Coil and Liberty's memorial on Thanksgiving
Snowflake and Sunshine's memorial out front.
We took Zoe's cone of shame off today. She then spent a good 30 minutes scratching her ears.

I had a ferret once I had to euthanize. Her name was Siouxsie and she was the sweetest and most gentle animal. She was so tiny and had already had surgery to remove her cancerous adrenal gland. Ferrets get cancer so easily. Unfortunately, she caught a "ferret parvo" that was making it's way around. I stayed up the night before forcing her to drink water and feeding her high calorie glop. She had to be put down anyway. I remember the vet's assistant yelled at me for "letting" her get so sick. I think Siouxsie was the first ferret to have been diagnosed in town with the ferret disease. After it spread and the assistant saw first hand how quickly the disease was taking down ferrets, she apologized.

It still hurt like hell.

My animals are so important to me. Siouxsie died almost 20 years ago and I still think of her so often.

I feel like I'm the only one in the house that is still grieving over Liberty. It's seems as everyone has moved on; Erik and Trent are looking at new TVs and Kat is downloading music and no one ever mentions Liberty.

I bought several new Cricut carts last week so maybe I'll try to make something tomorrow to take my mind off things.

Thanks again for all your support, well wishes and cards. XOXO

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