Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello Mr. T

I had a bunch of scraps left from my ice cream cone card and I wanted to use them up before they got lost in a pile. I came up with this:

All the papers are My Minds Eye Good Day Sunshine Girl Kit.

I really like the colors in this line.

Erik is still out of work. The days are long and boring. I know I should be taking advantage of the extra hands and clean out drawers, closets and the garage, but I just can't seem to move.

The kids, well, Kat keeps asking for everything and anything. She wants me to download songs, she wants the ICarly something or other, she wants to go to Golf n Stuff, etc. etc. etc. I told her to start making a list of things she wants that we can consider after "daddy gets his new job". I think I'm going to count how many times I say that today. LOL!

I know it won't be much longer until he gets a job but I still can't help worrying.


DonnaMundinger said...

Hey, take a little time to mourn. Life changes have a way of sucking everything out of ya. Things will get better, but in the meantime don't beat yourself up. Do what you can. Your layout is darling. Crafting can be cathartic. xxD

Crayola58 said...

I agree with everything Donna just said... It is such a black cloud when job losses hit, so I am sending good thoughts that soon, very soon, Eric will have a job again. And then you can hit that list of Kat's and go go go. Keep that kid's wit up.
Loved your layout. You are so great in your designs.

Lori1brat said...

Heather - your layout is SOOO cute ! I love all the soft colors that you used .... Keep your heads up things will turn around soon ... HUGS to you friend ! Lori

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