Thursday, February 11, 2010

$10.00 and 1/2 pound of bacon

...that is what this layout cost me. At first, Trent was happy with the $10.00 cash that I offered him. Within 30 minutes, he was whining about how boring it was to "write all of this stuff out". 2 hours pass and he's still not finished. Army men and suddenly reading is more interesting than writing. I begged him to finish but he kept getting distracted with other things. It wasn't until I started making dinner that his interest in this project peaked again.

"Ok, if you finish writing, you can have as much bacon as you want."

He was finished within 10 minutes. Trent really likes bacon. ;)

Technique Tuesday Storytellers: School Days, Boulder Skyline and Infinite Wisdom.

Katrina likes bacon, too, but her true passion is Beanie Babies. This small collection is just a tiny bit of what she really has.

Technique Tuesday Zoology and Main Street

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Jessica said...

Gotta love those Beanie Babies! lol Love the layouts. TFS

chriswooten57 said...

lol that was so cute. thanks for sharing.


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