Friday, July 11, 2008

My new favorite thing

Trader Joe's Black Pepper Sauce. It's oh so good. I put it on just about anything. I mixed it in with my leftover mac-n-cheese for lunch. Yeah, that's right. We eat leftover mac-n-cheese.

This is one of our new favorite made up dish. It's kind of a combo between a Trader Joe's sample dish and Pei Wei's Blazing Noodles. Trader Joes had this chicken/Cajun sausage mixed with pesto tortellini. It had pesto sauce over all of it. It was ok, but it needed something. It needed Black Pepper Sauce and the ingredients from the Blazing Noodles.

So, here's the ingredients:

Fresh cheese tortellini from Trader Joe's (I changed it from pesto tortellini)
Chicken sausage with Cajun spices (it's REALLY HOT!)
Baby carrots cut in half
Green onions (use the whole piece. I cut it in about 1 inch lengths)
FRESH basil. Don't think you can get away with dried stuff. It won't work.
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Olive oil
Trader Joe's Black Pepper Sauce

Cook the tortellini according to directions.
Slice up the sausage and throw it in the pan.
Add a little olive oil and throw in the carrots.
Add a little Black Pepper sauce and stir around. Add maybe 2 tablespoons. I don't measure. Add whatever you want.
Let it simmer a bit until the carrots are cooked.
See those big hunks of green? That's basil. I don't chop my basil. I just rip it in half and throw it in.
Rip up basil and throw it in. I use a handful. I don't measure anything.
Add your onions.
Stir everything around.
Add your tomatoes last. You don't want mushy tomatoes. YUCK. You just want them warm and firm.
By now, your tortellini should be done. If it's not...don't add the tomatoes yet!
When your tortellini is done, drain it and mix it in with your sausage mixture.

That's it. Have a big glass of water next to you because this baby is HOT! It's hot, but it's pretty darn flavorful.

Because I have this "thing" for Basil, I even add fresh leaves to the top of the dish I'm serving.

I'll do layouts tomorrow. I felt like cooking today.

Let me know what you think of my recipe. :)
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Anonymous said...

My husband would probably love your black pepper sauce! For me, the picture of your dish looks absolutely delicous and you're making me very hungry right now! I'd have to make it less hot though, I can't do hot. :(

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