Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Blogger only seems to let you upload so many pictures at one time. I missed these last night.

Fancy Pants Sweet Spring. Katrina is reading to her animals (see them on her lap) in a paper puppy pen that her brother made.

Pink Paislee. I think this is the replacement for Bing. We lost Bing towards the end of school and she has been upset about it ever since. We found this little pup at Legoland last week. My kids sure have a thing for small stuffed animals.

Thanks for your kind comments. :D
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Hilary Kanwischer said...

Oh are those layouts sweet! Just adorable all the way around. :)

CK said...

i was blog-hopping and came across your blog and wanted to tell you how MUCH i LOVE your work! all of it, i love it!

BethieJ said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts Heather!!! I am going today to Traders Joes and looking for that pepper sauce! Your recipe sounds YUMMY too!!!
Have a GREAT day!

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