Monday, August 29, 2005

Pretty in Pink and Hurricane Katrina

I'm sure by my title, that you are thinking this post is entirely about Baby Kat. No. You are wrong.

My neighbors gave me a bag of clothing to go through for the kids. I was to take what I wanted and give back what I didn't. I had the bag of what I didn't need sitting at the front door when Trent discovered it. I guess he was immediately drawn to the bright colors of the jacket inside. He put it on and showed me. "Hmmm, nice". I said. He totally caught me off guard.

Later on, while still wearing the jacket, I caught him posing in front of our mirrored closet doors. He was even humming a little tune as he posed.

He calls it his "Jumping Jacket". I'm not sure what his fascination with it is, but he never wants to take it off. I guess I should have just taken the bag back right away as the next day he discovered the matching pants. There are zippers on the ankles. They help him jump higher and "bigger". This is a point that has been proven to me many times today.

We just had to go to Grandma's house today to show her the "Jumping Jacket" and matching zipper pants. He was even more delighted when his Great Grandma stopped by so he could show her, too.

It doesn't matter to him that it's 94 degrees in the shade of the patio with pretty high humidity. The hood (or "helmet" as he refers to it) doesn't come off his head, either. Usually, it's pulled around his face as tight as he can get it so only his eyes are peeking through. These pictures don't show that, I know.

Oh, and I have been asked 100 times today if I'll be doing a LO with Hurricane Katrina. Yes. Yes, I will. LOL! I'll pull some clippings off the computer and I'll have a "hurricane comparison."

Oh, and here is a pic of Baby Kat from today, too. She is "Pretty in Pink".


Linda A. (elendae) said...

Isn't it funny how they latch onto certain outfits, even if they are totally incompatible with the weather if they are something that can be worked into whatever they are playing at the time? Aileen has squashed herself into things that were sooo tiny and sooo wrong season - right now the fascination is with last year's winter boots. No matter that they are at least 2 sizes (almost 3) too small, she's just *got* to wear them when she plays "island" with Brigid!

LOVE the photo of Kat - soo sweet! I'll have to peek back in the Gallery and see if that's the one you used on your gorgeous new Scrapworks layout...

Sherry said...

Too funny! I love the outfit though!

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