Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Chip Holds

Here is reason #429 to send in/update chip information when you own an animal.

This is Payton. He is 13 years old and his owner brought him in for euthanasia. He doesn't walk well and is in obvious discomfort.

Payton has to sit in the shelter for 7 days because the person that brought him in did not update his chip information. Payton's chip is registered to the person that owned him before. This family has to be contacted before the shelter can euthanize him OR Payton has to wait (by law) 7 days and if he is "unclaimed" during that time period, THEN the shelter can put him out of his misery.

Payton is housebroken. He is not allowed to go for walks because the shelter does not have confirmation on who owns him.

So, here he spends that last week of his life missing his family, confused why he is there, scared and alone, feeling guilty for relieving himself in his kennel and in obvious discomfort from whatever ailment a 13 year old dog gets.

Update your chips, please.

and YES, there is the possibility that the person(s) that brought him in really isn't his owner and his "real" owners will be thrilled to find him. However, in my limited experience, that doesn't happen very often.

PACC will allow a finder of an animal the option of taking that animal home while a "Found Report" is posted on their web site. The finder just has to show a driver's license so when the true owner calls, a reunion between the dog and their real owner can happen. 

I wonder if PACC could be allowed to give owner who requests euthanasia, the option to take the animal home for the 7 day time period IF the chip doesn't match the current owner?

Why make the animal suffer like Payton has to?

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