Friday, November 14, 2014

Dog Recovery 11/12/14

First, I'd like to apologize for the horrible quality of the photos. It's hard to take nice, sharp photos inside the kennels and especially when you're wearing gloves and gowns. The photos are very blurry. Sorry.

Some of the dogs have been moved out/fostered/adopted. I will make note as we go.

Kennel 155

Harlem, A499378
Intake 10/24, Male, 4 yrs, URI

Hansel, A499377
Intake 10/24, Male, 4 yrs, URI

Sir Mix a lot, A500424
Intake 11/3, Male, 4 yrs, URI

Kennel 156

Guerro, A499344
Intake 10/24, Male, 1 yr, URI

Kennel 157

Casey, A497769
Intake 10/09, Female, 4 yrs, URI

Ling Ling, A498912
Intake 10/27, Male, 1.5 years,URI

Kennel 158

Mrs. Gray, A499323
Intake 10/23, Female, 1.5 yrs, URI

Gina, A498845
Intake 10/18, Female, 6 months
Not sure exactly what's wrong. Vet mentioned possible distemper

Kennel 159

 Bacchus, A499812
Intake 10/28, Male, 1.5 yrs, URI
I made a video for Facebook to bring attention to this sweet guy.
RESCUED!! YAY!! 11/12/14

 Nova, A500189
Intake 10/31, Female, 2 yrs, URI
She's covered in Bacchus hair. 

Kennel 160

Came in right before we left, URI

Kennel 161

Autumn, 495712
Intake 9/19, Female, 8 mos, now Giardia
She keeps getting re-infected with URI, Giardia over and over

Kennel 162 - as of today, 11/14 Jet and Tawny are missing. Not on an adoption report that I can see and not on Petharbor.

Jet, A5000061
Intake 10/30, Spayed, 5 yrs, Giardia

Tawny, A499925
Intake 10/29,  Neutered, age unknown, Giardia

Nanook, A500699

Kennel 163

Shazam A490282 and Slamball 490281
Still here with Giardia
almost 1 year old brothers

Kennel 164

Juno, A496459
Intake 9/16, Female, 4 yrs, Giardia
Juno has been in sickbay since 9/29. TVT and now Giardia

Joey, A497681
Intake 10/7, Neutered, 1 yr, Giardia

Kennel 165

Storm, A498817
Intake 10/18, Female, 8 years, Giardia

Unknown, 500479
Intake 11/3, Giardia, Possible RHLFx

There are no photos for the following dogs. These dogs are in D row near Arizona room. Too dark to take pictures and I was running out of time.

D48 - Lucy, A500029, HBC & Broken K-9

D49 - Pretty, no number, Intake 10/19, Female, no age, HBC possible numerous Fx
Diablo A496469, Intake 11/01, URI and Hematoma repair
Draco Malfoy A498169, Intake 10/13, Neutered, URI

D50 - unknown German Shepherd, Intake 11/06, 3 yrs, Male, HBC
unknown German Shepherd, Intake 11/07, Male, 2 yrs, HBC, possibly 3 legs broken
unknown Blue Tick Heeler, Intake 11/06, Male, 2 years, not sure but obvious eye issue

D51 - Casper A497519, Intake 10/07, Male, 1 yr, HW+ KC

Buddy A495937, Intake 9/21 Neutered, KC

Jimmy A496715, Intake 10/01, Male, Valley Fever
Unknown chi 500017, Intake 10/30, Female, no age, HBC
Unknown chi 500481, Intake 11/03, Female, no age HBC

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