Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maybe you should mind your own business, or

the not so glamorous life of being a volunteer at PACC.

So, I walk sick dogs on Wednesdays. I like it because the dogs live in Hell in the sick bay room and I get to take them into an outdoor dust bowl and play with them for a little while.

They usually appreciate it. The puppies above hate everyone. I kind of don't blame them, though. Their mother was very, very aggressive and was put to sleep. They were slotted for euthanasia as well but someone came to their rescue and now all the sick bay volunteers are trying to help socialize them.

In just the last week, they have come a long way! The black one will take treats out of my hand and the little tan one doesn't show her sharp, white teeth as much.

But, this isn't about the puppies. This isn't really about Harley, pictured below.

Yeah, her skin is peeling off and no one really knows why. The dog doesn't even know. She doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Per the vet, she's being tested for MRSA, but it could just be a thermal burn.

I know this because when I screamed in horror, slipped on the wet concrete and found myself face down in dog piss, dirty towels and bleach water the vet was standing over me to make sure I was OK. I quickly explained that the dog looked like this before I came to see her and that's when she told me they are testing her for MRSA and there should have been a note on the kennel to not walk her.

I was really only worried about the dog and my camera. Both of which were fine.

Unfortunately, when I fell I put my right hand out to catch my fall and in turn hurt my wrist.

After dealing with puppies that hate people, slipping, falling and then finding out that this dog may have MRSA, I decided to call it a day.

I took today off from volunteering and did laundry. My wrist was still a little sore but I didn't pay too much attention to it until 6:00 hit and it was time for wine.

I pulled the wine bottle out from the fridge and was absolutely mortified to discover that I had to use two hands to pour. My wrist hurt enough that I couldn't pour a glass of wine!!!

I guess wearing dog piss, blood, poop, bleach or that maybe I'm a card carrying member of MRSA is really not that big of a deal anymore. But when it comes to pouring my wine, I'm a little pissy about it.

When I started to complain about it, Kat says, "Well, maybe you shouldn't have anymore wine!"

and that's when I said, "Maybe you should mind your own business."

I can't wait to get back to PACC tomorrow!

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Never a good day when you can't pour yourself a drink.

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