Saturday, April 23, 2011

The rumor is true

The kids and Erik went to the annual neighborhood block party last weekend. I couldn't go because my back was misbehaving.

There was talk about turkey. One of the neighbors in the area bought a turkey last year for their Thanksgiving dinner. They couldn't finish it off and instead, it ended up becoming a pet.

We asked another neighbor, one that has chickens, about the turkey. She told us where she thought it was. We walked all over the neighborhood and found it. She said to "look for the colorful fence". Well, we heard gobbling before we even found the fence.

There was this beautiful bird behind the fence posts. I was too shy to go up the entire length of the driveway to see this magnificent creature, so I stood back and used the zoom lens to take pictures instead. The kids and Erik had no problem walking right up there. Isn't he beautiful? He has a bright blue head and I swear he was showing off for us by the way he moved.

We want to go back later when the family is outside and ask about him.

Right now, we're playing with the idea of building a chicken coop and having a few chickens. This way, we know what our chickens are eating and where our eggs would come from.

This was going to be my picture of the day, but I have a different one. I post my pics of the day on Facebook. If you're not friends with me, look me up!! ( do have some pictures on the top right of my blog here, but it doesn't tell you the story behind each of the pictures.

Have a great Easter!


Karen Pinsonat said...

we must be on the same wavelength because we just went to home depot today to buy supplies to build a chicken coop. We are trying to be more self-sufficient, you know, in case of a zombie apocalypse. We will be setting up a vegetable garden next spring also.

Heather said...

Karen, you won't believe how much we are on the same wavelength. When the first chicken neighbor showed us the "anti-cannibalism" syrup she uses for the chickens (when they start hacking at each other) I made the same comment about how we may need that syrup for a zombie apocalypse.

We need to meet someday. Soon.

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