Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Big deer

There's a new neighbor down the street with one of these fake deers in her front yard.

Trent has been wanting to get in his Indian costume and pose next to it for weeks now.

Well, we knocked on her door on Halloween and introduced ourselves. She gave the kids some candy and we asked if Trent could pose with the deer for a picture.

She was so nice and let us do it. Trent, at first, wanted us to take a picture of him from across the yard, behind a tree, aiming at the deer with his bow and arrow. I was mortified but the lady laughed it off. I didn't have that kind of lens on anyway, so I made him stand next to the deer and be nice.

She invited us to come over anytime and see the other 4 or so deer she has in her backyard.
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Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I have a fake deer story for you.

Before I moved, I went to church with a lady that had several fake deer on her lawn.

One morning the neighbor across the street called and kindly ask that she go out and take care of how they were placed.

Some teens had some fun during the night..the the deer were, well, UH UM...you know, doing THAT.

She made her husband remove them from the lawn permanently.

LOL. Glad your son got his shot.

Heather said...

LOL! That's hilarious!!

DonnaMundinger said...

LOL! Too cute! Hard to shoot Bambi with a bow tied around his neck. xxD OMG! I read Hillbilly's commeny. That same thinghappened with some Christmas deer in our neighborhood last year.

PeggyLovesVintage said...

Great pic of Trent and how nice of the new neighbor to let you take the pics.

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