Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Day Ever!

Our neighbors told us about a Star Wars event at Costco. You could pose with characters and get your picture taken. We don't have a Costco card, so they invited us to go with them.The kids dressed up in their costumes. We were the first ones there and the Star Wars characters were pretty impressed with the kids' enthusiasm.
Captain Rex Trent with Captain Rex
Trent and Kat together with some of the crew.

After a while, it was decided that all 8 of us should have our picture taken with the crew, too.

Katrina is dressed as Padme Amidala and is posing next to her.

Oh, and look....there's Darth Maul, Jango Fett and Boba Fett hanging out near the frozen food section.
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I don't know who this is. But she was standing next the the watermelons and I thought it made a nice shot. ;) None of the kids knew who she was either. Does anyone know? Trent just said maybe this is Boba Fett's son?

ETA: Boba Fett didn't have a son. He had a daughter but from the pictures I've seen, this doesn't look like her. I can tell this is going to drive me nuts.
Captain Fox was hanging out near the fresh meat section.

A Storm Trooper was guarding the cameras.

I really don't know the names of all these characters. Trenton knew all the names (with the exception of the green guy/gal).

After Star Wars, Costco had miniature donkeys and miniature horses out front. You can't top Star Wars and horses together on the same day. We also came home with M&M's and steaks!


wendyp said...

how FUN! Can't wait to see the layout!

My kids might actually want to go grocery shopping if all stores did this, LOL!

Karen Pinsonat said...

My kids would LOVE if they did that around here!
Cooper(my Star Wars fanatic who has read every book) says he has no idea who the green guy is.

Carol<>< said...

sounds like a lot of fun.
not sure who the green on is, looks more like a transformer character to me.

Karen Pinsonat said...

I have to say though, because of your title, the spongebob song is running through my head. :-P

Laura Lee said...

That is way too cool! :) Ya'll look like you had a great time!

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