Friday, June 26, 2009

Card Story

The kids love to make cards. They pull out a scrap piece of cardstock, use my Score-Pal and go to town. Trent's are usually complicated with lots of pockets and fancy folds. Katrina only folds hers once and for whatever reason, she always writes her name in big letters on the outside.

Right now she is making a card for Kiersten. Kiersten died over a year ago but she thinks I can somehow get this card to heaven. On the inside, it says, "I love you, Kiersten" and it is full of butterflies and flowers (some I drew for her), caterpillars and a sad face with tears.

Here are some layouts. I get some stuff done even though I've been so busy.

October Afternoon Ducks in a Row

Technique Tuesday stamps. I had a stamp challenge going on this month and this is one of the pages I did for it.

KI Memories Friendship

Another October Afternoon Ducks in a Row
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