Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 3 - Jamaica

Picasa only lets me upload 4 pictures at a time. I admit that I'm totally lazy and I don't want to re-size all the pictures in PSE before I upload to Blogger. Tomorrow I will have 4 more Jamaica pictures.

Waiting to dock at Jamaica.

Trent wanted to do this when we got home. ;)

Katrina was able to take her eyes off the fire breather for a fraction of a second so I could take her picture.

Trent wanted to try this, too.

More tomorrow....
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Anonymous said...

That looks so cool, Heather! how fun!


jakey said...

wow - looks fab. I went to Jamaica many years ago.. it's a long way away from here! We stayed in MoBay and spent most of our time on Cornwall beach. We had a wonderful time. Thanks for bringing back some great memories :-)


Susan said...


I left you an award at my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Hi Heather...oh my gosh, that cruise looked like so much fun!! I went to Jamaica on a diving trip about 15 years ago and I absolutely had the best time. Thanks for sharing pics, your kids are just brimming with cuteness!!

Fantastic cards by the way, the Valentines card is just stunning. :)

Regina Easter said...

wowzer, looks awesome....have fun

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