Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our new floor

I couldn't stand the smell of the dog pee in our living room carpeting anymore. So, we ripped up the carpeting. I had no specific game plan at the time, I just knew I couldn't stand the dog pee anymore. I've never been a fan of carpeting. It always seems dirty to me.

We priced tile and found it to be more expensive than we wanted to pay at this time. After all, we need to go to Legoland. ;) We decided to paint the cement and buy a box or two of tile a month until we have enough for the room. We figure it will take about a year to have enough boxes.

Removing the carpeting is the easy part. It's the removing of the tack strips, filling in the holes from the nails and removing the glue left from the carpet pad that is the messy yucky part.

After all that was done, we gave the floor two coats of a light colored latex paint. This was not fun for me to do as my arm/shoulder still hurts. Then we kind of sponge painted a darker shade on top of the light shade. When that was dry, we dipped a paint stirring stick in some black paint and kind of threw it around. The kids loved that part.

Once all the paint was dry, we put on 2 coats of glossy polyurethane. It's a shiny floor!!

It's certainly not a traditional type of floor but I like it and most importantly, IT'S CLEAN!!

I think my bright red leather sectional will look pretty cool sitting on it.

And, the whole thing cost about a hundred bucks.

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Angie Hagist said...

I think it looks great! I wish I could do that to my scrapbook room. The carpet in here is horrible. But, it would be too much work to move everything out and back in. *sigh*

Mimi said...

Heather-I love the floor! Really like Jackson Pollack! Kier would have loved it and would have tried to tear up our wooden floors to do the same! We pulled up our dog pee rug in the hall. Much easier to clean!

Thanks for your Kier posts! You are an incredibly talented woman! I am in awe of you! I love the Easter picture layout! Actually all the layouts! The dog one is great!

I am going to Valley Forge PA for a CK convention August 1 and 2. Kier had wanted to go so I am taking 9 classes for her.

Thanks for befriending Kier! I found a note she had written to make sure she called you about something scrappy. Hope you feel better and heal quickly! Fondly, Mimi

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Heather!!!! you are so smart! The floor looks great! I'd do that, but our dog infested carpet is over top of particleboard floor. :P

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