Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love Technique Tuesday's Loopy Labels.
Katrina asks me a jillion questions each day. Most of these I don't have the answers to.
One of her biggest concerns lately is whether or not she's going to have to go back in my tummy. That one I know the answer to but I'm not entirely convinced she believes me.
Making Memories Funky Vintage. You know, when I first saw this line, I LOVED it. I had a somewhat difficult time using it. I'm fairly happy with the results, though.
I had these paper scraps sitting around and I got tired of looking at them. So, I made a layout.

Mostly Daisy D's Modern Romance

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Kimberly said...

GORGEOUS creations girly!
Hey...there is a little extra love for you over at my blog darlin! xoxo

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