Monday, September 03, 2007


Erik's grandmother had her 90th birthday party this weekend. All of his family flew in from all parts of the country to celebrate. It was so nice!

As soon as Grandma arrived, I grabbed her and took a few pictures. I know, it was very selfish of me. ;)

Katrina and her Great Grandma.

The photographer lined all the great grandkids up and took their pictures. I like this one of her looking at Katrina. Note how Katrina has "Lil' Puppy" with her. Lil' Puppy has a rubberband around her neck. For whatever reason, the kids think rubberbands are the coolest things ever. I guess we need to get out more. She's also wearing her High School Musical shirt. She rarely takes that thing off. I have to sneak it out of her bedroom to wash it and then she runs around asking, "Where's my High School Moosical shirt?!?"

Trent and his cousin. Isn't she cute? They are the same age, just a few months apart.
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BethieJ said...

Heather what BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! I LOVED your layout and journaling about what summer was going to be... the best of plans we moms make! :)
see ya at Peek!!!

Mary Leeson said...

What a beautiful grandma! I'm sure the kids are blessed to be with her. TFS and bless~

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