Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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From Peek, July 30. The theme was "A Fresh Look at Old Products". Of course, you know in the scrapbook world, anything that is considered "old" has been on the shelf for about 30 days. ;)

I took a picture of Trent on the first day of Kindergarten and then I made him wear the same thing on his last day and took his picture. According to his teacher, there were 177 days of school. In this family, we say "kissing" instead of "biting". We don't want to scare the bunnies. Isn't that little bunny cute?? That's one of the new Technique Tuesday stamps (Dog & Pony show).

August 15, Multiple Photos:

The blue and the "notes" page is from the October Afternoon catalog. I can't wait for this release. Really, I can't. That's why I ripped the catalog up and used it.

My husband calls our new dog, "Broken". She just has a small anxiety issue. Well, ok. It's not so small. She has a therapist, a Rx for Prozac, vallium and a new pretty pheremone collar. We can fix her, I know it!

Can you read the journaling? If not, let me add it:

When asked about our plans for the summer, I always felt a little silly replying with, “We’re doing the Summer Reading Program at the library”, when it seemed everyone else had such elaborate plans. Their kids were going to camp, to dance lessons, swim lessons, Spanish class and more. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on camps or lessons. I tried to picture us sitting on the back patio, reading together, sipping decaf iced tea and having lots of fun.

It didn’t happen that way.

School was out on May 24th. The fighting and whining started on May 25th.

We did sit on the back patio reading books. However, reality was much different than how I pictured our reading adventure.

I forgot about the bugs flying around us, trying to invade our ears and nose. I forgot how much Trent and Kat hated bugs and how much their shrill screaming about bugs bothered me.

I never pictured Trent and Kat fighting over who’s book we were going to read first, who got to sit in my lap while I read or who got to sit in the rocking chair closest to me, and other things that were obviously worth fighting over that I can’t seem to think of now.

I forgot how every time we sit outside, Zoe brings her wet, muddy ball over and sets it in our lap. If we don’t throw it right away she barks at us.

I forgot how tired my mouth gets after reading for 30 minutes.

I forgot about how HOT it was in May.

On May 26th we moved inside. I sat on the couch and both kids sat on either side of me.

On May 26th at 10:00 am we were done reading the books we had borrowed from the library. We thought they were going to last a week.

I had Erik set up the Nintendo 64.

It was going to be a long, hot summer.

While volunteering in Trent's classroom last year, I had the opportunity to take pictures while it was empty. The kids had left to practice for a program they were performing at the end of the year. I even took a picture of his little cubby.

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